Research direction

ECOCENTER for Environmental Protection - Activities

  • Water Industry, Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Land Reclamation Measures – Irrigation, Drainage, Soil-Water-Wind Erosion;
  • Determination of Agricultural Crop Water Requirements on the Arid and Semi-Desert Territories taking into Consideration Meteorological and Climatic Factors;
  • Climate Change and Adaptation Measures;
  • Rehabilitation of Ecosystems Degraded by Forest Fires and Conservation of Biodiversity;
  • Forecasting and Controlling the Technogenic and Natural Disasters;
  • Management of Environmental and Natural Resources Considering the Modern Problems and Requirements;
  • Rehabilitation of Water Intake Structures and Irrigation Systems;
  • Urban and Agricultural Water Supply and Sewage Systems;
  • Researching the Black Sea and Water Reservoirs Problems;
  • Development of New, Modern Ecological and Energy Saving Directions;
  • Rising Public Awareness about Natural Disasters, Risks and Renewable Energy Sources;
  • Prospects of Developing the Ecological and Cultural Tourism;
  • Introduction of the Local and International Education Trainings-Seminars and Conferences;
  • Publication of the Informative Brochures, Holding the Public Actions, etc.